Frequently Asked Questions

Site access

Well drilling rigs are truck mounted and need good access to the proposed bore site.

The proposed site should be flat and have sufficient space to accommodate the associated drilling equipment.

Close to a power and water supply can help keep the costs down and keep in mind future bore access for pump servicing.

Water Bores Quotes

A preliminary site visit is carried out to discuss your present and future water requirements. We can then provide a free, no obligation quotation.

We may be able to give an indication of where water might be found, the quality and flow based on our extensive Bore Log library, or from Regional Council records.

The bore costs include the establishment of all equipment on site, well drilling, supply of all materials such as casing and screens, and developing the well ready for the installation of the pump.

The finished price will be subject to the final depth of the bore.

Resource Consent

All water bores require a Resource Consent being obtained from your Regional Council to drill the bore.
Please contact your Regional Council to discuss the consent process.

As part of the Resource Consent process a ‘Step Test’ and ‘Constant Rate Test’ will need to be carried out on the bore flow. Based on the test results the council will determine the rate of water allowed to be taken from the bore.

The costs of these tests are separate to the water well construction.

Water Bore Pumps

Most bores require a submersible pump be installed.

When water is found and the bore is developed, we can recommend a pump based on the flow of water and depth of the well.

Drilling waste

There is drilling waste or cuttings produced when drilling that is controlled in a silt control pit to be disposed of in the appropriate manner depending on job sites.